2020    Dear Umma (Mom)

            for chamber orchestra

            Dedicated to my dearest mom

2019    Lacrimae (Tears)

            for soprano, clarinet in Bb, and piano

            Dedicated to all loved ones we lost from war crimes

2017    Timelapse Intersection

            for woodwind quintet

2016    The Rough Magic            

            Quartet for flute, violin, guitar, & piano

2015    Night Colors

            for saxophone solo (alto & tenor)

            La Passeggiata

            for bassoon duo, dedicated to Dr. Orlando Legname

            La Passeggiata

            I. Wondering on Foot    II. Walking Dance

            III. Gentle Stroll

            clarinet and bass clarinet edition for Duo Namaste

            (Guido Arbonelli, Artistic Director) 



            I. Steps    II. Cessation    III. Night Traffic

            for String Orchestra

2013    Rhapsody on Ari Ari 

            trio for violin, cello, and piano

2012    In Memoriam

            Trio for flute, clarinet in Bb, and piano

              dedicated to Dr. Dinu Ghezzo

2011    Love is

            for Choir (SATB) and String Orchestra       

            Three Doors

            Sextet for flute, oboe, clarinet in Bb, violin, cello, and piano

2010    Córdoba

            trio for clarinet, cello, and piano

2009    9 years

            Trio for clarinet in Bb, cello, and piano

            dedicated to Dr. Ron Mazurek     


            Prelude to the Quiet Morning

            for Brass Quintet


2008    Jajang-ga (lullaby)

            for a capella SATB choir


            for cello and piano

Electroacoustic Music

Acoustic Music

2019                                  Imaginary Line

for clarinet, electronics,

dance, and live image        

2018                         Sijo, Midwinter Night

for soprano, violin, cello,

fixed media, dance, and video               

2017                                     Vecchio Tree

for fixed media and video

2016              고사목 (A Withered Elm Tree)

for Trumpet in Bb and fixed media

2015                                            (Jong)

           for fixed media

2014                                  달춤 (dal-chum)

for cello and fixed media

2013                                     Lunar Dance

for electronic sounds

                                    기다림 (ki-da-rim)

for alto saxophone and fixed media

Night Raindrops

for oboe and fixed media

2011                                          Reflection

           for Piano and computer

Collage of Memories

for electronic sounds & dance           

2009                                    Ta! Raindrops

           for electronic sounds & dance

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